Match Transportation

For teams purchasing the IberCup Accommodation Package

Most games will take place at Tokinosumika Sports fields in Gotemba. These fields are only accessible by car/van/bus.

There is also a shuttle service to/from the fields and the hotel provided in the package as well.


Shuttle Bus

All the participating teams may alternatively request the shuttle bus service throughout the entire week of the tournament. Shuttle Bus from accommodation to the football fields is not included in the basic package of participation. 

The shuttle bus system only works as a transfer for the matches not for leisure. For this services you must contract other transportation services. 

Not all the accommodations have the shuttle service. Please confirme with IberCup if your accommodation can have this service.


Airport Transfers

Tokyo - Haneda International Airport

Transfers from the airport to the accommodation, is not included in the accommodation package. You can book the airport transfers through the organization. Just one service per team. 

The teams who travel to Tokyo should inform the IberCup about the flight schedule no later then 15th June. If you informed us after this date the tournament will not ensure this service. The transfer is exclusively for teams thus not for, accompanying people that don’t book the accommodation through the IberCup.


Private Bus

Private Transportation in IberCup

All the participating teams may alternatively request a private bus rental service throughout the entire week of the tournament. Private Bus during the tournament 12h / day. Drivers can only drive 9 hours in a row per day. 

Drivers can change on the day after. Please make sure you give the pick up hour information for next day to the bus driver before he leaves. Extra cost will be charged if the services go through 12h per day or 200km per day. 

The IberCup will not take care of any schedule regarding private bus transportation. The IberCup can put the team in direct contact with a bus company but will not have any responsibility on scheduling the routes for the team.


Restrictions For Private Bus Transportation

The following restrictions have been set by the International transportation departments: The bus driver can drive a maximum of 9 hours per day. Twice a week the driver may use the bus 10 hours. This is usually used for long transfers from country to country. We kindly ask you to be aware of these rules.

Please notice that if you arrange an excursion which involves parking fees, these fees need to be paid by the group. You have a maximum of 200 kilometers available per/day. The bus can be used for excursions and all local transportation (such as transfers to/from the match locations and for sightseeing). Make sure you manage very well your times for matches and leisure.

After 10h service, even if the bus remains stopped, driver’s can´t drive due to European laws. Drivers can change on the day after. Please make sure you give the pickup hour information for next day to the bus driver before he leaves. If you exceed the day limit 200km or hours limit, an extra cost will be charged.



Book Your Flight

Thanks to our agreements with several airlines, you can book your flights through IberCup and benefit from special prices. Please contact us for any assistance of our flight manager and request your budget.


Travel to Tokyo - Japan

The IberCup Japan is held in Gotemba that is about 120 km from Tokyo. The best and easiest way to travel to Japan is directly to the Haneda International Airport that is approximately 120 km from the tournament venues.

The best option to travel the rest of the trip is by Bus to Gotemba.


Arrival and Departure Time

In case of delay caused by flight or transport issues, please advise our organization as soon as possible if any amendments are required, so we can adjust your arrangements wherever feasible.

Arrival and departure hours in each city are indicated at the local time of the respective country and according to the timetables of transport companies and therefore are subject to change.

On trips that include transport by bus the hours indicated have approximate character. We dont get any responsibility on delays due to technical or other reasons related to the means of transport, with the companies or due to natural causes. If you travel by plane, after passing through customs at the Airport your group will be met by the IberCup welcome desk. We will meet you in the arrival hall where we have a welcome desk. You will receive some information over the IberCup and your stay.

We advise you to reconfirm your return transfer to the airport as soon as you have arrived at the tournament. If you travel by bus, you must go to the accreditation point after you make the check in at your accommodation.

During this meeting you will receive detailed information about meal time tables, tournament game schedule, excursion options, etc.